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Saturday May 19th at 1PM, Ume Radical Rollers meet The Black Block

We are celebrating two years with Radicals and the fact that we finally have enough players in our team to be able to play a match with a team of only Radical-players. Our opponents will be "The Black Block" - a mixed team with players from both Sweden and Norway.


Roller what?! Roller derby is a full contact sport played on roller skates. Two teams skate on a oval indoor track and points are given to one player, the Jammer, that passes each member of the opposing team. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.


Entrance fee: 50 SEK/crowns (children under 12 years of age - free)


Refreshments ("fika") and merchandise for sale during the game.


Adress : Ersängsskolan, Ostvägen 20, Umeå

You can register on our Facebook event here ;!/events/218784318235998/


Come and experience a different Saturday!


Derby ♥

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