Publicerad Tuesday, May 22, 2012 00:00

For our first game of the year in Umeå, we Radical Rollers were a bit nervous but very happy to welcome the Black Blocks on Vildmannahallen's sticky floor, Saturday the 19th May 2012. 200 spectators came along to watch us, and that alone was the best surprise of this - sunny - day. The game was played in 3 periods of 20 minutes, instead of two times 30 minutes, because both teams were outnumbered this day and the players needed a little rest to play safe and nice.

Falls there were, bruises we brought back home with us along with the joy to have been able to play for the first time this year. Ume Radical Rollers lost by 5 points with a final score of 85-80 for the Black Blocks. Congrats to them and thanks again for the play. The Radicals will seek revenge in Lulea though, after the summer.

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